By Debra Arko

Visiting your local acupuncturist just got more strange as Americans discover that if you are wanting to stop wrinkles your acupuncturist may be your best bet for an all-natural method. Facial acupuncture reviews state that this almost painless, drug free approach can take years off your face and all but eradicates facial lines, wrinkles and sagging eyes for starters.

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Biopuncture-Facial Acupuncture

Whilst acupuncture is renowned for it’s pain-relieving benefits in America, in China it’s also trusted to stop the start of facial aging as seen with crow’s-feet. Research suggests that regular skin treatments of Oriental Medicine increases blood flow and Chi or what western medicine refers to as energy to the cells in the face, which slows the signs of growing older a thing forty somethings and beyond are thinking about, state practitioners.

Non natural methods are still popular as quite a few facial treatments involve a medical aesthetician such as dermabrasion which is carried out to boost collagen and the circulation of blood and then they do botox treatment which blocks this and gives that “frozen face” syndrome that numerous correspondents make reference to when covering famous people. However more people are looking for a safe method that gives the results without the muscle freezing syndrome. So will this alternative become popular? Only time will tell but there are two natural ways your acupuncturist may recommend.

With facial biopuncture, the most well known, the face is hydrated along with plumping up the flesh by getting the collagen to increase straight away while maximizing the nourishment as well as oxygen to the face skin. All of this helps reduce the outward appearance of facial lines say supporters of this natural method. Further more Biopuncture is known for the fact that it stimulates the organic self-healing capabilities of the human body employing small injection therapy of homeopathics at acupuncture points.

The second method, Facial acupuncture is done without use of homeopathy and with fine needles that are placed strategically to minimize wrinkles, while biopuncture requires less needles and more people feel the results last longer. Unlike botox that leaves the patient’s face rigid, either method adds radiance to the face, more color, and a smoothing out of wrinkles without side-effects. Because either style of natural treatment doesn’t involve toxic chemicals like in some dermabrasion treatments or Botox your skin feels and looks healthier.

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Facial Acupuncture - Biopuncture

The procedures may take about 60 minutes and utilizes extremely fine needles and often a facial massage is additionally done. Certain skin damage can even be addressed with this sort of health care.

While facial acupuncture or biopuncture are not going to get rid of or prevent you from having wrinkles in only one visit the results of going through an anti-aging series of sessions have exhibited good results many consumers say. Converts remark that they can “feel their skin looks more radiant” plus they know it has diminished harmful toxins in their body as they feel better generally, an added bonus side-effect.

On the other hand this therapy is not going to prevent aging once and for all or make wrinkles disappear for the long term, the end result is subtle and worthwhile to anyone who has tried it in particular over chemicals and botox treatment. Facial Acupuncture for many offers better outcomes minus the frozen face, say Oriental Medicine practitioners.

Debra Arko Novotny has practiced Alternative Medicine for almost twenty years and writes for a number of blogs, and online health wellness magazines. She is the author of Quantum Thinking for the 21st Century, and has a Facial Acupuncture and Cosmetic Acupuncture Center in Denver Colorado.

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